Why is there a Rolex waiting list?

Yes. You heard me correctly. Most of your local Rolex authorized dealers (AD) will have a waiting list to purchase that nice looking sports model watch you have been saving years for.

While some of us appreciate this type of marketing genius, there are some of us that just want to know "why?". One thing both sides usually can agree upon is that Rolex has been in business a long time and has a successful track record.

A major factor in the waiting list comes down to the supply vs. demand. The sports model Rolex is extremely popular right now and is outweighing production. It is said that Rolex manufactures between an average of 800,000 to 900,000 watches per year. If accurate, this would explain the waiting list and over particular decision to put you on the AD waiting list. Many AD members are cracking down on those who are looking to resell online or to the black-market. Due to demand outweighing the supply many sports Rolex models are being sold on the black market 20-40% over the suggested retail price.

Establishing a relationship with your local AD doesn't happen overnight. An immediate action you can take to increase your chances of getting that watch is to bring cash on site for a down payment. This will show your AD you are serious and not messing around. It will separate you from those poaching around and those ready to buy. Keep in mind that once your watch arrives the standard policy to complete the full payment is generally 24-48 hours. If payment isn't completed by then the watch moves on to the next suitor.

The positive takeaway of a Rolex waiting list shows the enormous appetite for this brand. It also reflects the prestige of the brand. Once you have yours in your hand, you have joined an exclusive group.

Are you tired of waiting?

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