Five ways to spot a Rolex replica

Before buying a high-end luxury timepiece it is essential to educate yourself on how to distinguish an authentic Rolex from a replica. The Rolex watch is one of the most widely produced counterfeit products. Today we will share our top 5 signs on how to quickly identify a phony Rolex.

1.) The cyclops lens This is one of the most difficult areas to replicate. The standard Rolex lens window displays a magnification of 2.5x giving the watch a clear, crisp and centered view of the date. On the contrary, replicas will stand out to the naked eye without magnification and occasionally produce a reflective glare on the cyclops lens that prevents visibility. If the magnification is off, a red flag should arise.

2.) Laser etched micro Rolex crystal- Introduced in 2001, Rolex implemented a micro-etched crown at the 6 o’clock position on all models except the Milgauss with green glass crystal. This etching is not an engraving, but actually located inside the glass. It is only visible to the naked eye if you angle the watch perfectly against natural sunlight or utilize a flashlight over the marking. The majority of low end replicas do not have the micro crystal.

With that said, we have seen a few “super fake” replicas displaying this mark. Generally, the replicated micro crystal will be easy to see with the naked eye, distract from the watch dial and have a cluttered irregularity to it. This is hardly ever the case with an authentic Rolex due to their extreme quality control measures.

3.) Watch movement

Removing the case backing of any watch will give you immediate answers on whether the watch is real or fake. An authentic Rolex movement will display precision, entail engraved perfection and have small details unmatched by any replica. It will display an automatic movement along with the model number. The majority of replicas will have a quartz movement and sometimes contain plastic inside. The engravings will be clumsy and movement pieces or jewels may show signs of oxidization. Both signs are a dead giveaway for not being authentic.

While Rolex does not manufacture a quartz movement watch today, they did at one time. Discontinued in 2003 they produce a quartz watch with a movement called Oysterquartz. This movement was in production for 25 years and it is estimated that fewer than 30,000 were ever created. In Rolex standards this is relatively a low number; and yes, the Oysterquartz movement will stand out with exquisite details when comparing to any other quartz imposter.

4.) Serial and model number You should always purchase a Rolex with its original documentation and serial number information. A watch serial number works similarly to a widget part or lot number. It will help identify and support the timeline of production and the authorized Rolex dealer it was first sold from. The serial number can also be used in databases to determine its estimated production dates.

Every Rolex watch will have a model number located on the 12 o’clock side where the band meets the lug. They will also have a serial number located on the 6 o’clock side where the band meets the lug or on the inner bezel. It is important to note that replica’s will also have the model and serial numbers engraved in the same exact locations. These engravings tend to be bolder and not as sharp when compared to the authentic models.

5.) Weight and feel The weight of a real Rolex will be more dense and durable than the replica. Along with the weight, the sense of rotating the watch bezel or turning the crown will have a distinct feel and will not feel as if the rotation is gunky or jammed like on a replica. The feel test is extremely obvious on counterfeit models that have the Rolex Glidelock clasp feature. The replica version does the exact opposite of glide. Many replicas struggle to get this part right, even the “Super Fakes”.

Your satisfaction is our mission

Buying a luxury watch should be an enjoyable process and it should not cause stress or apprehension. We spend countless hours and resources to constantly educate ourselves on the counterfeit watch market. We consider these actions necessary because the replica market is constantly evolving for the better. Our objective is to first and foremost protect you the customer and provide you with the watch of your dreams.

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